12V 5015 2 Pin DC Cooling Blade Fan

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Type: 5010 12v cooling fan

Brand: Marvle 3D

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-Used widely to serve multiple purposes. It can not only work perfectly on most 3D printers with 12V DC and a popular model(5015), but can serve well on other occasions. 

-4 throughout holes allows easy mounting on different surfaces. Each fan is made from injection molded, plastic housing a durable DC motor for long life. 

-Extremely durable. Dual ball bearings, pure copper coil, and the shell are designed to resist high temperature, plus strict quality control, the whole product is meant to be ultra durable. 

-Cooling the prints. Prints can be easily cooled after extrusion. 

-Adjustable speed. The speed is adjustable from 0 to 100% full power. 

12V 5015 Fan

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