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CR-6 SE Hotend Nozzle Kit
  • CR-6 SE Hotend Nozzle Kit
  • CR-6 SE Hotend Nozzle Kit
  • CR-6 SE Hotend Nozzle Kit
  • CR-6 SE Hotend Nozzle Kit

CR-6 SE Hotend Nozzle Kit

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Excellent thermal conductivity

Smoother filament-pushing

High precision

Full metal jacket

stable running,0.4mm ultra thin heat-break wall with excellent heat insullation

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1: Integral Rigid Structure: Self-developed and brand-new hotend is equipped with the full metal kit with a smooth filament path and heat-break. The temperature is up to 260c to melt the filament fully and the filament pushes smoothly.

2: Stable performance and precise structure: High-quality thermistor and heating tube are up to 260c, with rapid-resin temperature, precise temperature control and good stability. The Optimized internal structure of seamless connection between hotend and heat-break accelerates the hotend to dissipate heat and the heat-break to insulate heat, letting go of the nozzle blockage.

3: Insulation silicone sock with flame retardant: Equipped with flame retardant material, it has a good heat preservation effect and effectively keeps the heat block and hot-end clean.

4: High thermal conductivity and quick to heat: The advanced thermistor and heating tube assembly can heat quickly and sense the temperature of the hot-end timely.

Product parameter:

Name: CR-6SE Nozzle kit ( this is the product name, the product includes a hotend as shown in the picture.)

Model: Cr-6 SE and CR-5 PRO

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