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eSun TPE LIKE ELASTIC resin for LCD/DLP 3D Printing  (500g)
  • eSun TPE LIKE ELASTIC resin for LCD/DLP 3D Printing  (500g)

eSun TPE LIKE ELASTIC resin for LCD/DLP 3D Printing (500g)

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High elongation at break, good elasticity, tear resistance, tensile, bending and compression, quick rebound, a certain wear resistance.Compared with eResin-Flex, the viscosity of elastic resin is greatly reduced to ensure release and molding.

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The release rate is relatively high and easy to print, lower hardness and the molded parts are softer and more elastic; meanwhile the bending performance is improved to make the thick parts can withstand more times and large Angle bending. The elastic resin can be used on product models that require softness.

Good elasticity

Tear resistance

Bending resistant

High toughness

Low hardness

Low viscosity


Weight(kg)                                        0.5

Viscosity(mPa·s)                               500-900  

Density(g/cm3)                                 1.080-1.085

Tensile Strength(MPa)                      4-5

Elongation at Break(%)                     250-350

Flexural Strength(MPa) /

Impact Strength(J/m) /

Tearing Strength(GPa)                      8-10

Heat Distortion Temp(℃) /

Hardness(Shore D)                            70A

Grades (out of 10)

StrengthS  2

ToughnessF  10

FormingP  4

AccuracyS  6

Speed A      2


1.Shake well before printing

2. Slice setting:
Stronger support: Avoild break with main body
Denser supportAvoid deformation dislocation

3.Printing data
Higher lifting distance: full film realse
Lifting distance≥6mm
Slowing down Lifting speed: avoid breaking
Lifting speed: ≤60mm/min
Control leveling time: full leveling
Light off delay≥6s

4.Post Curing
Properly control the post curing time, the longer the exposure time, the higher the hardness of the curing material, the worse the flexibility, and the heavier the yellowing
To ensure good flexibility of the material and avoid hardening problems caused by post-curing, it is recommended to clean the printed parts after printing instead of post-curing
The surface sticky hand condition will be gradually improved under the indoor weak light condition. Avoid strong light exposure for later storage

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