Elegoo Dental Castable UV Resin Green 500g
  • Elegoo Dental Castable UV Resin Green 500g
  • Elegoo Dental Castable UV Resin Green 500g
  • Elegoo Dental Castable UV Resin Green 500g
  • Elegoo Dental Castable UV Resin Green 500g

Elegoo Dental Castable UV Resin Green 500g

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Product parameters

  • Shrinkage rate(%):  0.2-0.5
  • Max force(KGF):  129.32±10%
  • Tensile strength(MPA):   31.285±10%
  • Yield point elongation(%): 6.322±10%
  • Elongation at break(%): 8.852±10%
  • Flexural strength(MPa): 39.721±10%
  • Flexural modulus(MPa): 811.072±10%
  • Shore hardness(D): 85-88
  • Notched impact strength(j/m):135.66±10%
  • Tensile modulus(MPa):  434.5±10%
  • Viscosity(mPa·s): 50-170
  • Absorption band: 385nm-410nm
  • Density(g/cm3):1.05-1.25


  1. Operating temperature : 25~35℃,68℉~95℉
  2. Shake well before each use. If the resin is very viscous, preheat the bottle with 60-80℃ warm water before shaking it.
  3. Please wear nitrile rubber gloves during operation and keep the operating environment well ventilated.
  4. Do not use resin near windows, balconies or other strong ultraviolet environment.
  5. If you accidentally get resin into your eyes, mouth or nose, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor.
  6. The resin remaining on the skin can be washed with soap, hand sanitizer, etc.

Waste liquid

  1. If the resin is no longer needed, please pour it into a transparent container (pour a small amount at a time) then place it in the sun to completely cure it.
  2. If it is a cleaning fluid containing resin, please do not discharge it directly into the sewer. You can put the cleaning solution in the sun first, wait until the resin inside is completely solidified and precipitated, and then filter out the solid residue, and the filtered cleaning solution can be used continuously.


  1. Store in a sealed, shading, and cool place.
  2. Keep away from fire.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.
  4. If you do not need to use the resin within 1 day, please pour it into a clean, light-shielded container and keep it tightly sealed.
  5. Do not mix the printed resin liquid with the unused resin to avoid contamination of the new resin.
Elegoo Dental Resin Green
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