Flashforge Creator 3 Pro Industrial Bundle
  • Flashforge Creator 3 Pro Industrial Bundle

Flashforge Creator 3 Pro Industrial Bundle

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This is a starter bundle for our industrial-level 3D printer. 

We understand that our customers who use industrial-level printers require high-quality filament for a better outcome.  

**We do not sell the toolkit anymore. It will be replaced with 2 PETG Filament (1kg, Random Colour) instead**

In this bundle, we offer:

  • Flashforge Creator 3 Pro 3D Printer
  • 4x eSun EPA-CF Filament - Natural 3D Filament (1.75mm, 1kg, Random)
  • eSun eBox Lite 3D Printing Filament Dryer + Storage Holder
  • 4x eSun PLA+ Filament (1.75mm, 1kg, default all Black Unless notified)
  • 3D Printer Toolbox Kit (Will be replaced with 2x PETG Filament (1kg, Random Colour))

We also offer a starter bundle for this printer: [Click Here]

Feel free to come in-store to browse our selection and have a demo.

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eSun EPA-CF Filament - Natural 3D Filament (1.75mm, 1kg, Black)

Carbon Fiber Filled Nylon - 75% Nylon Coupled with 25% Carbon Fiber
High Strength and Rigidity
High Toughness
Wear Resistance
High Precision
Low Shrinkage
Heat Resistance 120°C
Flame Retardancy UL94-V2
Compatible with Most 3D Printers

Product Features:

  • Printing smoothly, odorless, matte finish printing effect.
  • High Strength, High Rigidity, Good Toughness, Wear Resisting, Fitting to 3D print industrial parts.
  • Compared with Nylon, it has a lower shrink rate and distortion, and high accuracy without a warped edge.
  • Stainless steel nozzle shall be needed instead of a quick-wear bronze nozzle when using CFRPA filament.

eSun eBox Lite 3D Printing Filament Dryer + Storage Holder

Main functions include:

  • Moisture-proof and Dust-proof
  • Real-time Observation
  • Even Heating
  • High Security
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Low Noise

eSun PLA+ Multiple Colours 3D Printer Filament (1.75mm)

PLA+ has a bunch of its own benefits when compared with normal PLA including:

  • Less brittle; Normal plain PLA is brittle especially when placed in the atmosphere for days;
  • Less sensitive to moisture; PLA+ absorbs much less moisture compared with Normal PLA.
  • Better print finish performance


Package Includes: 

  • 7PC Allen Wrench Set
  • M8 Socket Wrench
  • M6 Socket Wrench
  • Pincer Plier
  • Open-ended Wrench
  • Cross Socket Wrench
  • Slotted Screwdriver
  • Cross Screwdriver
  • Print Removal Scraper
  • Utility Knife
  • Tweezers
  • 0.38mm Cleaning Needle 
  • 4PC 0.1mm Cleaning Needle
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Cutting Pliers
  • PTFE Tubing Cutter
  • SD Card Reader
  • 0.1mm Feeler Gauge
  • 8PC Extruder Nozzles (0.4mm*4, 0.2mm*1, 0.3mm*1, 0.5mm*1, 0.6mm*1)


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