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Marvle3D ABS+ 6 Rolls Bundle
  • Marvle3D ABS+ 6 Rolls Bundle

Marvle3D ABS+ 6 Rolls Bundle

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This is the page for Marvle3D ABS+ 6 Rolls Bundle. 

Please note that: The cover picture is for display only, we will deliver 6 random colours.

ABS+ is improved and upgraded based on ABS.

Cracking and warping have been significantly improved.

High Strength. Better Toughness. Heat Resistance. Excellent Impact Strength.

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ABS + Printing Parameters
Best print temperature: 230-250 °C
Plate temperature: 100-110 °C
Feed rate: 30-90mm/s
Idling speed: 90-150mm/s

The all-new ABS+ filament has the following features:

1. Optimized to print with significantly less warping
2. With good melt mobility and smooth printing.
3. With high toughness, hardness and rigidity, and good scratch resistance. 
4. With good heat resistance and oil resistance.

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