• Printer

    Marvle3D is NZ's local Distributor from most 3D printer companies, such as Flashforge, Creality, etc. We offer a competitive price and the best customer service to help our customers start their 3D printing journey. We provide a range of 3D printers, including resin printers, FDM printers and laser printers. Moreover we provide the scanners and printer accessories all with reliable quality and fantastic value for money.

  • Laser

    Marvel 3D provides high-quality Smart Desktop Laser Cutters & Engravers for NZ local creative users. This category contains various series of laser engraving machines, accessories, machine parts etc. We believe that we must have at least one product that can meet your needs for the laser machine.

  • Scanner

    Marvle3D provides high quality industry level Einscan 3d scanners and affordable Creality 3d scanners.

  • Robot

    Marvle3D provides versatile Robots for teachers and students of upper elementary grades and high schools to teach and learn coding, science & tech and robotics.

  • Filament

    Marvle3D high-quality 3D filaments have passed rigorous tests to ensure its diameter precision and purity. It has been widely accepted by our local customers and proven to be highly satisfied.

  • Resin

    Top-quality resin consumables for LCD/DLP 3d printers. Marvle3D has various types of resin on stock, such as Plant-based (PLA PRO BIO), Water Washable resin, Hard-Tough resin, High-Temperature resin, Dental Model resin And Flexible resin.

  • CNC

    A CNC 3D printer combines the precision of computer numerical control (CNC) with the versatility of 3D printing to create detailed and complex objects. Utilising digital designs, it carves or builds objects layer by layer from a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, and composites. This technology offers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, making it ideal for both prototyping and production.

  • Part

    Provides high-quality parts and accessories for 3d printer use.  

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