• 3D Printer

    Marvle3D provides high-standard 3d printers suitable for our local use.

  • 3D Scanner

    Marvle3D provides high quality industry level Einscan 3d scanners and affordable Creality 3d scanners.

  • Filament

    Marvle3D high-quality 3D filaments have passed rigorous tests ensure its diameter precision and purity. It has been widely accepted by our local customers and proven to be highly satisfied.  

  • Resin

    Top-quality resin consumables for LCD/DLP 3d printers. Marvle3D has various types of resin on stock, such as Plant-based (PLA PRO BIO), Water Washable resin, Hard-Tough resin, High-Temperature resin, Dental Mold resin And Flexible resin.

  • Part

    Provides high-quality parts and accessories for 3d printer use.  

  • Special

    Provides printer specials for customers

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