High Temperature

High Temp Resin is designed for functional prototyping in high heat applications. Understand the technical specifications and best uses.

High Temp is ideal for applications requiring the part to stand up to high temperatures with minimal loading. The material has almost no flex, however, so snap fits and living hinges are not suited for printing with High Temp Resin.

 Printing in High Temp Resin requires more laser power. Keep the prints small and move parts around the build platform, especially when printing at 25 microns.

Always print the High Temp part with support. Avoid printing parts directly on the build platform with High Temp Resin because adhesion issues can occur between the part and the build platform surface. When printing very large or very heavy objects, increase the support touchpoint size or density. If the support touchpoint size is too small, the model may separate from its supports.


Hot air, gas, and fluid flow

Heat resistant mounts, housings, and fixtures

Molds and inserts

Vulcanization ( vulcanized rubber molding)



Injection molding with industrial equipment

Parts that will be under load

Snap-fits and/or flexible parts

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