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Marvle3D is NZ's local Distributor from most 3D printer companies, such as Flashforge, Creality, etc. We offer a competitive price and the best customer service to help our customers start their 3D printing journey. 

Resin 3D printing, also known as vat polymerization, comes in three main flavours: SLA, DLP, and LCD.

All vat polymerization technologies involve a photosensitive resin cured by a light source to produce solid layers and, eventually, whole parts. The resin is contained within a vat, or tank, and is cured against a build platform, which slowly rises out of the tank as the part is formed. The main difference between the three technologies discussed here is the light source.


  • LCD

    LCD 3D printers use an array of UV LCDs as a light source. The light from the flat LCD panels shines directly, in a parallel fashion, onto the build area. Because this light isn’t expanded, pixel distortion is less of an issue with LCD printing.

    What this means is that the print quality of an LCD printer depends on its LCD density. The more pixels it has, the better the print quality.

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