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LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)
  • LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)

LDO VORON 2.4 R2 (REV C) 3D PRINTER KIT - 350 × 350 × 350MM (including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO)

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Including RSP 4B board + high Flow E3D REVO

Build volume Size is 350 × 350 × 350mm.

The Voron V2.4r2 (RevC) 3D printing kit by LDO is all the hardware essentials you'll need to make your very own Voron printer at home. The Voron 2.4r2 (RevC) is the largest of the Voron family with this kit boasting a 350mm cubed build volume. The V2.4r2 (RevC) kit includes features such as an inductive probe, high quality stainless steel rails, and tools for input shaper calibration and headset insertion

*This is a general parts kit, 3D printed parts and raspberry pi are not included and will need to be sourced separately*

Default Colour: GREY/Balck

Feel free to come in-store to browse our selection and have a demo.

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Video about Review of Voron 2.4r2 (RevC):

Video about Build Livestream of Voron V2.4r2:

Video about Build Experience of Voron V2.4r2:



Utilizing a CoreXY, linear rails, and belt z-axis setup with Klipper firmware, Voron 2.4 is designed to deliver fantastic print quality at amazingly fast 3D printing speeds. Assembling this DIY machine is more accessible than ever with LDO's Voron 2.4 Kit which sources/manufactures a significant portion of the hardware needed to get your machine up and running. Containing the best price-to-performance ratio of components, you'll find that you too can build a speedy production-quality FDM 3D printer right from your benchtop.


Key Features of the LDO Voron 2.4 R2 (Rev C) 3D Printer Kit:

  • Large Print Volume

Choose either 300 × 300 × 300mm or 350 × 350 × 350mm

  • Includes majority of the hardware essentials

All are provided with purchase of a Pi and printer parts

  • Premium parts sourced or made by trusted manufacturer LDO

E3D hotend, Bondtech extruder parts, optional Raspberry Pi, etc.

  • All necessary wiring is pre-cut and pre-wired
  • Bonus kits, accessories, and tools included

Klicky Mod kit, Nevermore Filter, LED lighting parts, Input Shaper tool kit, etc.

  • Acrylic panels included for enclosure
  • Stainless Steel Linear Rails
  • Designed for V2.4 Rev2


Born as a passion project, the Voron series is now backed by a huge following that extends these printers' longevity with room for continuous improvement. LDO frequently updates their kits to match new updates while also meeting the community's desires. This latest release, R2 Rev C, comes with the following:

· Revo Voron by E3D

· 4.3" LCD Touchscreen

· Custom silicone bed heater

· Improved Toolhead PCB

· Externally Mounted Thermistor


The Voron 2.4 3D printer boasts an impressive print volume of up to 350×350×350mm—perfectly suited for large-scale models or batch printing, all while maintaining a desktop-friendly footprint.

· Print Volume: 350×350×350mm (13.8"×13.8"×13.8")

o 300×300×300mm also available

· Prototype or create large end-use parts in-house

· Print huge batches at once

· Beneficial for a wide variety of industries



Designed for print speeds of 100mm/s and up, Voron 2.4 3D printers are strategically constructed to be robust workhorses with lightning-fast output, making them truly a home micro-manufacturing machine. 

· Build plate rigidly mounted to the frame (less moving mass allows more speed)

· Stainless steel linear rails prevent vibration & wobbling

· Toolhead constructed with as many lightweight components as possible

· Achieve print speeds of 100mm/s or more (max speed will depend on your custom build)


Voron 2.4's explosion in popularity has shown the difficulty of self-sourcing parts for your very own machine. Thanks to the work of many interested parties, it's easier than ever to get a ready-packed kit with all the required components needed to assemble a working Voron 2.4 3D printer. Sourcing trusted reliable parts is half the battle of successfully building a Voron and LDO makes it a whole lot easier by manufacturing and sourcing a large majority of those essential parts so you can focus on the labor of assembly rather than component hunting. Some of the many components in this kit include:

· BigTreeTech Octopus motherboard

· Genuine Bondtech BMG parts

· E3D Revo hotend

· Blind joint aluminum frame

· Fasteners Kit with all the necessary nuts and bolts

· Electronics and pre-wired/cut wiring included

· Panels Kit for the electronics compartment and the sidewalls

· and so much more!





Build your own FDM 3D printer that stands out in both performance and style! Constructing a 3D printer from scratch comes with the perk of being able to tailor every aspect of your machine—even down to the anodized color of the frame.

Craft a machine that's as unique as your printing needs with an array of frame colors to choose from and printer parts you can produce or source in complementary colors.

· Choose your essential printer components

· Install any mods you want from the get-go

· Pick your frame's color

· Print or source printer parts in your desired color and material



The LDO Voron 2.4 Kit sources a comprehensive selection of quality components to ensure your Voron build is streamlined for a smooth assembly experience.

When you invest in this LDO-sourced kit, you are investing in premium parts that do not take shortcuts on the important components that produce a reliable, long-lasting workhorse for years to come.





LDO is renowned for their excellence in meeting customers' expectations and delivering high-quality 3D printer components and accessories. By sourcing your Voron 2.4 Kit from LDO, you can trust the end product you receive will be an elevated 3D printer-building experience.

· Sourced and manufactured by LDO

· Includes quality parts and essentials for a smooth build process

· Relief and confidence knowing you invested in components from a trusted supplier


What Materials Can I Print with the Voron 2.4 3D Printer?

The Voron 2.4 can handle nearly every material available for desktop 3D printing, including advanced materials and composite filaments. Compatible 3D printing materials with the Voron 2.4 include:

· PLA and Tough PLA

· ABS and ASA

· PETG and CPE

· NylonNylonX and NylonG (with at least a hardened steel nozzle)

· TPU and TPE

· PVA and Soluble Supports

· Polycarbonate

Included in the kit (BOM): 

Box Item Qty.
Cable Kit 2.4-350 Power  Cables 1
Toolhead PCB Cables 1
Breakout PCB Cables 1
Misc. Cables 1
Motion Bearing, F695-2RS 20
Bearing, 625-2RS  12
Pulley, 2GT, 16T, (5mm ID 6mm W) 4
Pulley, 2GT, 20T, Deflanged 1
Pulley, 2GT, 20T, (5mm ID 6mm W) 2
Pulley, 2GT, 20T, (5mm ID 9mm W) 4
Pulley, 2GT, 80T, (5mm ID 6mm W) 4
Idler, 2GT, 20T,  (5mm ID 6mm W) 2
Idler, 2GT, 20T,  (5mm ID 9mm W) 4
Shaft, 5x60mm  4
Shaft, for Nozzle Probe 1
Thumb Screw Kit 1
MR85 Bearing 2
Bondtech BMG Parts 1
4mm Bowden Coupler 1
Teflon Tube (4mm OD 2mm ID) - 10cm 1
Foam Tape, 1mm 1
Foam Tape, 3mm 1
Sandpaper 2
Electronics 1 BTT 4.3inch TFT LCD Display, Capacitive Touch Screen, for RPi DSI 1
AC Inlet, Integrated Switch & Fuse 1
Keystone CAT6 Insert 1
Raspberry Pi 4B (OPTIONAL item, check with your reseller whether the RPi is included) 1
Heatsink, for Raspberry Pi  1
Solid State Relay, Omron 1
DIN Rail Mount Bracket for SSR 1
Fiberglass Tape, 2x12cm 1
Wago 221-412 Terminal 2
SD Card, 16GB 1
Electronics 2 Toolhead PCB 1
Fan Adapter PCB


Breakout PCB 1
 Stealthburner Neopixels 1
XY Endstop PCB 1
3x2 XH Splicer PCB  2
2x2 XH Splicer PCB 1
Z Endstop PCB 1
Octopus Pwr.Adapter PCB 1
Klicky Probe Kit 1
LDO Input Shaper Toolkit 1
Print a Steppy Kit (LDO Mascot) 1
TMC2209 Stepper Motor Driver, BigTreeTech 7
Terminal Block, UK2.5B, Blue 2
Terminal Block, UK2.5B, Red 2
Terminal Block, UK2.5B, Ground 2
Bridge, UK2.5B, 10 pos. 1
Cover Plate, UK2.5B 3
End Block for DIN Rail 2
Tape, 3M VHB  1
DIN Rail Plastic Endcap 4
Brass Brush 1
Fasteners,Tools&Misc Machine Screw, BHCS, M5x10  52
Machine Screw, BHCS, M5x14 4
Machine Screw, BHCS, M5x16  43
Machine Screw, BHCS, M5x30  26
Machine Screw, SHCS, M5x40  26
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x6  14
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x8  273
Machine Screw, FHCS, M3x10 8
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x12 50
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x16  30
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x20  40
Machine Screw, BHCS, M3x25 6
Machine Screw, Wafer head, M3x25 3
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x25 12
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x30  44
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x35 6
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x40  34
Machine Screw, SHCS, M3x50 4
Machine Screw, FHCS, M3x6 26
Machine Screw, BHCS, M4x6  8
Self-tapping Screw, M2x10  43
Hexnut, M5  30
Hexnut, M3  14
T-nut, Roll-in, 2020, M5  80
T-nut, Roll-in, 2020, M3 135
Heatset Insert, Brass, M3x5x4 153
Washer, M5, 1mm 9
Precision Spacer, M5, 1mm  46
Washer, M3  6
Knurled Nut, M4 4
T-nut, Hammer Head, 2020, M3 75
T-nut, Hammer Head, 2020, M5 16
Setscrew M4*4 DIN916 32
Setscrew M3*2 DIN916 5
Machine Screw, Captive, M3x6 2
6x3mm Neodymium Magnet 14
Teflon Tube (4mm OD 3mm ID) - 1.2m 1
Zip Ties, 3x150mm 100
Filament, PETG, Clear, 10m 1
Brass Heatset Insert tool (for M3 Brass Inserts) 1
Drill bit, 2mm 1
Hex Wrench, 1.5mm  3
Hex Wrench, 2mm  1
Hex Wrench, 2.5mm 1
Hex Wrench, 3mm 1
Hex Wrench, 4mm 1
Slot head screwdriver, 2.5mm 1
Aluminium Handle 2
Belts, Chains, & Fans 50x50x15 Centrifugal Fan (24V) 1
40x40x10 Axial Fan (24V) 1
Nevermore Micro V5 Parts 1
60x60x20 Fan (24V) 2
Gates Open Belt, 2GT, 9mm (by metre) 5.5
Gates Open Belt, 2GT, 6mm (by metre) 5.5
Gates Belt Loop, 2GT, 6x188mm 4
Rubber Feet, 38x19mm (Amplifier Cabinet Feet) 4
Drag Chain, 10x10mm, R18 2
Drag Chain, 10x15mm, R28 1
Linear Rail Kit Linear Rail Stainless Steel, LDO-SLR12H-400Z0 1
Linear Rail Stainless Steel, LDO-SLR9H-400Z0 6
Buildplate Magnetic Pad 2.4-350 1
Spring Steel Flex Plate 2.4-350 1
Build Plate, Cast 5083 Aluminium, Blanchard Ground, w/ LDO AC Heatpad & Thermal Fuse (125C), 355x355x10mm 1
Panels Deck Panel, Acrylic, Black, 469x469x4mm 1
Back Panel, Acrylic, Black, 483x503x3mm 1
Bottom Panel, Acrylic, Black, 469x469x3mm 1
Door Panel, Acrylic, Clear, 241x503x3mm 2
Side Panel, Acrylic, Clear, 483x503x3mm 2
Top Panel, Acrylic, Clear, 483x483x3mm 1

Frame Kit


LDO V2.4 Frame kit 350, included the followed extrusions:

    LDO-V2.4F350-2020T-340E, 1 pc

    LDO-V2.4F350-2020T-430D, 1 pc

    LDO-V2.4F350-2020T-450C, 2 pcs

    LDO-V2.4F350-2020T-470A, 10 pcs

    LDO-V2.4F350-2020T-530B, 4 pcs


Motor Kit

LDO V2.4 Motor Kit, included the followed motors.

    1PCS LDO-36STH20-1004AHG(VRN) , E

    2PCS LDO-42STH48-2004MAH(VRN), XY

    4PCS LDO-42STH48-2004AC(VRN), Z

Other DIN Rails (35mm W) 2
Other BigTreeTech Octopus V1.1 1
Other Meanwell LRS-200-24 PSU* 1
Other C13 Power Cord 1.5 meter 1
Other PVC Wire Duct 20Wx25H 5
Other Extrusion Slot Cover, 6mm width 3
Other E3D Revo Hotend LDO Edition, with 0.4/0.6mm, 2 nozzles 1

Voron V2.4r2 (RevC) assembly/tuning guide and additional resources

Voron V2.4 RevC

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