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Marble Filament - PLA+ 3D Filament

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Marvle3D marble-like PLA+ 3d filament is a fun material to work with if you are looking for a look that SIGNIFICANTLY differs from your everyday PLA prints.  Please note that the actual dots have slight redness rather than pure black. The actual stock picures can be seen in the last two images.


Try Marvle3D Marvle Color 3D Printing PLA+ Filament which gives your printing a totally different experience. 

Premium Material: Marvle3D Marble PLA+ is made out of starch and some special raw material. It has all features of PLA+ combined with the characteristics of marble. 

Color: Marble

N.W: 1KG

Diameter: 1.75mm(Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03mm) 

Print Temperature: 200-220 °C 

Hot bed Temperature: 50-60°C 

Bubble: bubble-free 

Box size: 21.5*20.5*7cm 

Speed: 50-90mm/s 

High Quality & High Compatibility 

Strict production standard to guarantee high accuracy. Eco-friendly with high performance, no bubble, no jamming, no drawing. 

The filaments are universally designed and compatible with 3D Printers using 1.75mm diameter filament, with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03mm. 

Marble Color make your 3d printing model perfect, Gorgeous surface, nature and unique textures. 

Printing Tips: 

1. Nozzle : ≥0.4mm: 0.4 mm or larger nozzle and low print speed are recommended 

2. Pause the cooling fan at first 3 layers printing. Setting the layer thickness as 0.1mm would result in the best surface finish and shiny. Set the outer layer at a slow speed (50-90mm/s) 

3. Cleaning or changing the nozzle before printing is a good practice to reduce jamming issues if the original nozzles have served used for many times. 

PLA+ Marble