Marble Filament - PLA+ 3D Filament

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Marvle3D marble-like PLA+ 3d filament is a fun material to work with if you are looking for a look that SIGNIFICANTLY differs from your everyday PLA prints.  

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Try Marvle3D Marvle Color 3D Printing PLA+ Filament which gives your printing a totally different experience. 

Premium Material: Marvle3D Marble PLA+ is made out of starch and some special raw material. It has all features of PLA+ combined with the characteristics of marble. 

Color: Marble

N.W: 1KG

Diameter: 1.75mm(Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03mm) 

Print Temperature: 200-220 °C 

Hot bed Temperature: 50-60°C 

Bubble: bubble-free 

Box size: 21.5*20.5*7cm 

Speed: 50-90mm/s 

High Quality & High Compatibility 

Strict production standard to guarantee high accuracy. Eco-friendly with high performance, no bubble, no jamming, no drawing. 

The filaments are universally designed and compatible with 3D Printers using 1.75mm diameter filament, with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03mm. 

Marble Color make your 3d printing model perfect, Gorgeous surface, nature and unique textures. 

Printing Tips: 

1. Nozzle : ≥0.4mm: 0.4 mm or larger nozzle and low print speed are recommended 

2. Pause the cooling fan at first 3 layers printing. Setting the layer thickness as 0.1mm would result in the best surface finish and shiny. Set the outer layer at a slow speed (50-90mm/s) 

3. Cleaning or changing the nozzle before printing is a good practice to reduce jamming issues if the original nozzles have served used for many times. 

PLA+ Marble